If you have suffered from tooth loss or damage, it is highly likely that you could be benefitted from dental implants. Unlike other conventional treatments (i.e. dentures, bridges and crowns etc.), dental implants are more successful and last much longer. If you are denture wearers you probably understand the problems with uncomfortable or loose dentures. Dental implants are the closest alternative to natural teeth. Having missing teeth not only affects the person’s self-confidence, they may make it difficult to chew many types of foods, resulting in lowering the quality of life.

At Stephen House Dental Practice, we listen to your concerns carefully and then develop a personalised treatment plan at a realistic and affordable price. Our treatments ensure that your new teeth are fully functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. We only use modern, high-grade dental implant materials and our staff are fully trained and competent in carrying out clinical procedures.
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A Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth
A dental implant is a permanent solution to the problem of a missing tooth or teeth, taking the form of a stud, made from titanium, which is implanted in the jawbone. The replacement tooth is then attached to this stud, and your smile is returned to its' former glory.

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to a problem which is both unsightly as well as threatening to your long term health and well being.
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Why choose us for your dental implant treatment?
Losing one or more of your teeth can lead to a chain of events that could have physical and cosmetic consequences. The most obvious result is a gap in your smile. Less obvious is the loss of chewing function and the potential inability to eat a complete diet that can result from tooth loss. While these are certainly serious issues, a potentially serious problem lies hidden beneath the surface: bone loss.

Your jawbone needs the chewing action of the teeth to stimulate it and keep it strong. Otherwise it will begin to shrink (atrophy) in the same manner that the unused muscles beneath a cast supporting a broken bone get smaller. Without the support of your teeth and facial bones, your face will begin to look prematurely aged. The good news is that tooth replacement with dental implants offers a solution to help prevent bone loss.
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Dental Implants
Often people who have conventional dentures don't wear them because they don't stay in place. Dental implants offer a way to hold dentures in place and allow you to go about your daily life with confidence. In our experience, the use of dental implants to stabilise dentures has proven to be successful for many. The number continues to grow as word spreads about the effectiveness and long-term durability of the treatment.
Tooth replacement options
Traditional treatment options for tooth replacement, Crown & Bridge and full or partial dentures, address the short-term cosmetic problem of missing teeth, but do nothing to stop bone loss. Crown & Bridge also requires that two or more healthy teeth be ground down to serve as posts for a bridge, leaving them at a much greater risk for cavities and endodontic failure. If the original teeth with the post fail, more healthy teeth may need to be sacrificed to serve as posts, while you continue to lose bone beneath the bridge.

With implants, however, the healthy teeth are left alone. Dental implants, like natural teeth, also transmit chewing forces to the jawbone, which reduces bone loss. This is why many leading dental organisations now recognise dental implants as the standard of care for tooth replacement.
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We never compromise on quality. We use top grade implant products and materials.
Until now, the only drawback to dental implants was the fact that the treatment could take several months to complete. This is no longer the case thanks to advances in implant technologies. Often referred to as ‘same day dental implants’, these are exactly what they sound like; implants which are fully and permanently attached in the space of a single visit to the Practice.
We now offer same day dental implants subject to initial consultation and assessment by our experienced implantologist.
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